Too many ideas

It’s been a while since I last tried to write a full story. I have footnotes and passages of various stories written out in note pads or just sitting as saved files on my computer. I essentially have a entire books worth just of writing prompts for various stories. 

One problem I keep encountering when I write is that I visualise the story so vividly in my head how a character looks and acts that I almost struggle to describe them. I don’t want the character to come across as one note or overly done. A bland character can take a reader out of a story which is one of the worst things that can happen when telling a story. But on the opposite side of the spectrum you can overdo a character and make their motives or personality unclear because they are surrounded by a thousand distracting and unimportant details. 

I can create one character to follow an ark that will represent one thing or tell a part of the story but I may want to include too much for just one character to carry. I could add another character, one who runs parallel to the initial characters arc and includes the added character or plot details. However adding another character raises another set of issues. How will this character integrate into the story as a whole? How does this effect the tone and pace of the story so far? How do I differentiate this character from what I have done before? 

These problems lead me to drop projects and say “I’ll come back to them some other time.” And there the stories sit waiting for me to come back and finally finish them. Maybe I’ll find a way to stop burning out one chapter into a story and how to stop procrastinating, and when I find out I’ll let everyone know.