1. Arcades mean a lot to me and I hope I’m not alone in feeling this. They hold a lot of sentimental value because of the memories they provided me with when growing up. Just a little side note but my brother is autistic and conversations or bonding was very sparse growing up but when we were playing arcade games together my brothers personality came through and I could really see the excitement and enthusiasm in his face. He was always better than me at the games and I was always grumpy with how he always got to be player one because he was older (and if I am honest, the better player), he was always the highest scorer and I was always second place. I remember the times my brother and I spent playing house of the dead, point blank and time crisis together. We would be on a simple caravan holiday somewhere in the west of England with our dad and the times he took us to the local arcade was a highlight. We spent so much money reaching the end of house of the dead 2 that we didn’t care about the funny voice acting, lack of story or that we had spent £20 on a video game (from dying so much),it was all about us completing a game together. To this day the house of the dead franchise still holds a place in my heart for the memories I’ve gained with it where I managed to connect with my brother.
  2. As a gigantic Star Wars fan I always remember the Star Wars arcade game where you would be a snow speeder, x-Wing or speeder bike at one of the classic Star Wars battles against the Death Star,on Hoth or Endor and then in boss battles use the joystick to battle Darth Vader with a lightsaber as Luke Skywalker. This let me live out my dream of being a character in the universe that I adored.  
  3. Arcades for me are much more than places to play games and waste money. They are places that allow me to tap into that childlike sensibility and nostalgia that I developed from an early age. Memories of great times flood back about fun times with my brother or being able to to immerse  myself into a fictional world that I adored for as long as I could remember, arcades are pockets of fun and nostalgia that I sincerely hope future generations will enjoy on the same level that I did.