Writers Block

The most common problem I always get when I’m trying to write is not coming up with the story, but at actually putting pen to paper. I can picture an entire story, detailed so vividly in my own head. I come up with worlds, characters and a general basis for the story, but at the point I want to lay it all out and type out the story, all words and writing ability disappears. I have no idea how to start a sentence, what the first line will be or how I’m gonna like any of the scenes I’ve imagined together. The subsequent confusion then just results in me making a note of the ideas and putting  them to one side to return to another day. After several occasions of doing this, I have yet to return to any of the stories. It’s the doubt I have in myself as a writer that stops me from ever pursuing the dream further. I love reading and dream one day that I could write a book, not with the intention of it getting popular but just to see something that I have crafted be published and read and if all goes well, be liked. If I find a way to overcome this mental block then I’ll be sure to share it with everyone, but for now I’ve just got to soldier on through it.


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